Friday, July 9, 2010

Sugared Flowers

A foodie, I am.

A baker, I am trying hard to be.

A wedding cake decorator, I am not but certainly wish to be.

But can I decorate a cake with these sugared flowers? Well, that is much simpler and more achievable for me. Do I hope to make some fantastic, fancy, fondant covered cakes some day? Oh YES! I will someday and hopefully it is soon, but for now, I stick with what I know.

All you need to sugar flowers is: well, the obvious, flowers (be sure they are edible flowers), egg whites, vanilla, and caster (superfine) sugar. If you don't have caster sugar, you can put granulated sugar in a food processor to acquire the smaller granules.

1. First, combine one or two egg whites with a 1 tsp of vanilla, depending on how many flowers you want to decorate you may want to double this batch. I sugared about ten flowers using these amounts.

2.Wipe your flowers with a damp paper towel to be sure they clean.

3. Brush each petal gently with egg white mixture.

4. Then sprinkle with caster sugar until welly covered.

5. Let sit for a minute or two then brush/shake off excess sugar.

6. Allow the flowers to dry for an hour or two, preferably longer.

Then decorate a cake, cupcakes, anything you like! See it's that easy!

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