Thursday, January 21, 2010

Exotic Fruit Sighting

My grandparents and aunts were eating the strangest fruit I'd ever seen and they called it "figurina". Well it is actually a prickly pear. My grandpa said it used to have spikes on it, but now they must cut it off before selling. But it is interesting looking and very vividly colored on the inside.

I was not brave enough to try it but my husband described it as hard-seeded watermelon like fruit. He said it was like a hybrid between a watermelon and raspberry. I was wondering if anyone else was familar with them? My family seems to love them, but they are hard to find. If anyone has recipes or ways to serve them, please share!


  1. Hi! We call them prickly pears, or in spanish tuna. They can be found easily at the mexican stores. Not sure if you have one nearby, but if so check there. Also there are 2 types of tuna, theres a green one and a pink/purplish one. Very different tastes! Anyhow here is a website that I found that may help you with a few recipes.
    I also know that Rick Bayless uses them to make margaritas. Anyow I hope some of this helps you. Goodluck!

  2. Sorry wrong link, here you go >>>

  3. Looking back on your blog from 2010, it's interesting to see this, when I was a kid we used to eat these prickly pears. We had this massive looking cactus plant in the back yard and the pears would grow on it. My dad had to use gloves just to get them off, I always thought it was alot of work to get the fruit off of the tree, but they tasted so good.