Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bride and Groom Cookie Favors

Once again, I must apologize for the lack of updating, but it was busy past week. One of my best friends got married last weekend and I was making favors for the wedding. My kitchen still has evidence of the wreck that ensued from all the flying powdered sugar to the royal icing drips on the floor. But that's ok with me.

I had made similar cookie favors for the rehearsal dinner of another good friend of mine back in August. The cookies I made this time were very close to the same, but instead of icing the cookie solely in royal icing, I made a marshmallow fondant for the heart shape and then decorated the details with royal icing.

This was my first time using or making marshmallow fondant, but I heard lots of good reviews. Fondant has many advantages and is much more flexible in its uses than royal icing. However, fondant usually does not taste great. I've purchased Wilton brand fondant and it was not very yummy. But homemade marshmallow fondant, is actually pretty tasty. I means it's mostly marshmallow and sugar, so what could be bad about that?

I will be posting a full step by step tutorial of how to make and use marshmallow fondant for some other cookies I am making next month. (I was too busy to get good photos of the process this time.) My only word of advice for now if anyone wants to attempt to make their own marshmallow fondant is you can not have enough powdered sugar or Crisco to grease your surface. Buy two extra bags. Seriously.

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