Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Acorns Treats

For a recent Winnie the Pooh baby shower I helped with for one of my very best friends, I made these Acorns. I discovered them on the all amazing pinterest of course. My weakness and addiction. And these acorns proved to be cute and yummy! And best of all quite simple!

hershey kisses, unwrapped
a handful of  chocolate melting wafers or bark
mini round nutter butter cookies
mini chocolate chips

*the amounts for this recipe are completely dependent on how much you want to make. the kisses, cookies, and choc chips are one per acorn

1. Melt your melting chocolate. I used two squares of chocolate bark. Pour into a squeeze bottle or bag with the tip cut off for easiest application.

2. Pipe a small dot of chocolate atop the flat bottom of the hershey kiss and place a cookie flat against it.

3. Pip a very small dot of chocolate in the middle of the cookie and top it off with a mini chocolate chip.

4. Let set. I used a cookie drying rack with many slats to let the acorns rest without toppling over.

Source: We are that Family, via pinterest

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