Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 in 2010

2010 is already over?! I can't believe how fast it felt. With this year coming to a close, I like to look back on all that has already past. My hubby and I are on our second year of being happily married (almost 2 full years!), two best friends of mine married their sweethearts, one of very best friends had a beautiful baby girl, many fun nights with my family, holidays together, and lots of fun. All these wonderful events, remind me of something that happened in the kitchen, because that is where much living happens and hope that next year will bring even more wonderful events! Here's to a blessed year filled with much joy! Thank you to all those who have read my ramblings and recipes! A very Happy and Healthy New Year in 2011!

Here are my Top Ten Posts in 2010 :

10. Red, White, and Blue Berries

9. Pizzagaina

8. Baby Shower Onesie Cookies

7. Mamma's Meatballs

6. Cheerleader Cookie Favors

5. Anna's Pasta alla Pesto Trapanese

4. Colorful Swirl Cookies

3. Banana Raisin Bread

2. Bracciole

1. Fig Newtons

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  1. I adore your blog!! It's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

    From one 'lister' to another ;) hahahahaha....